Monday, February 11, 2013

Norway, UK And OK Smile

Some wonderful Bloggy gifts received over the weekend.  First Jo at French Knots from the UK sent me this lovely green velvet cushion with a crochet applique, along with a lovely little broach, and I think I know what I'm going to wear the broach with. Thank you Jo.


This little package all the way from Norway, Arctic Mum, sent me this vintage seventies fabric cushion cover. Just got to find the right little cushion for it. So that started off my weekend in a fun way.  Thank you Arctic Mum and always love seeing foreign stamps.

A couple of little thrifty finds a vase of flowers needlepoint, which I have asperations to make a bag out of.  And this little corn melted butter dish will be great in the summer when the sweet corn comes in.

I'm quite looking forward to Spring.  We missed most of the heavy snowstorm that came down over the weekend over New York and New England.  I did get let out of work an hour early on Friday, joy of joys only to go out and find out that my car would not start; which was rather the last straw as it had been in the dealership just that Tuesday to look at.

I had a problem which they were meant to have fixed by putting in a brand new computer moduel a whooping $775.00 so I was not a happy camper having to have my car towed in just before the snow storm hit on Friday evening, with yes the same problem, it's a whako electrical problem, where all the dials go crazy and eventually the electrical system stops you from starting the car. My husband had to meet the tow truck at my work place and have it towed to the dealership.  I know there will be more to right on this continuing saga.

But in spite of that I came home to some lovely things to smile at and also got together with my friend on Saturday.  Will post more on that another time.



  1. Thank you for calling in
    How lovely to have such gifts in the post
    Best wishes

  2. Sorry about your car and hope it gets fixed soon. Lovely to have little surprises to make you smile. I love the flower fabric which will make a great bag.


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