Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Canonsburg Wild Clover

I've always loved this pattern from the Canonsburg, PA Pottery.  It's called Wild Clover.  You see odd pieces now and again at the thrift shop, the difference with these is that they have a little platinum edge most pieces you come across are just plain.

I came across the cup and saucer and a dinner plate.  To me it looks more like a pine cone pattern, but everyone calls it wild clover.

Just right to sit a bowl of tomato soup on, followed by a nice cup of tea.

Click Here Look Canonsburg Pottery up, they do have some nice patterns.  Another to add to my list is the Poppy one, but I have not ran across any pieces in that pattern.



I have six of these, large rim soup bowls the name is American Tradition.

I have one dinner plate in this Temporama, which I think is my very favourite, very sixties Jetson's.

This Poppy pattern I do not have and have not seen it around, but I do like it.  Always love the bright cheerfulness of poppies.

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  1. The wild clover is pretty but I love the poppy one. I did look it up on ebay and they have some lovely designs. Trouble is I have no more space!


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