Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last Weekend A Baby Shower And Taxes Done

It was a busy but fun weekend, well one fun thing and one have to do thing.  Fun was a baby shower for little Wyeth yet to come.  It was held at Bertucci's an Italian restuarant.  I just read recently that two Italian chefs of BBC fame said that the best Italian food is to be found in London and New York.  I haven't eaten Italian in London but I have in New York and Philadelphia and I can tell you there is some good Italian food to be had.  I had the four cheese ravioli.

There were presents for his older sister Paton, she was very thrilled.

I had to get our Federal Taxes filed, they are due April 15th, but The Boy has to have all his College Federal and State applications in for funding before March 1st. So mum was under pressure to get it done.  But maybe that's good because I could not procrastinate on it and now it's a weight off my shoulders.


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  1. I have never heard of baby showers here in the Uk but I know they have them in Australia. Glad I don't have to file taxes!


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