Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finds are Fun

This is a metal tray or very large plate, a thrift find.  Love the roses so English Chintz.

A box of hankies, there is no telling on pricing at the thrift because sometimes they sell hankies individually for a $1.25, but here was a whole box for 0.55 cents.

An old suitcase that I need to get the Goo Begone one, that will take off the old gum residue.

Love the old handle and a kind of a grey linen finish.

Large stand embroidery or crewel work frame.

Inks a gift from a friend, many scrumptious colours.

Some of the wonderfully named ink colours, Borealis Black, Blackcurrant, Baked Apple, El Lawrence, (I just wrote that name while watching Lawrence of Arabia, one movie I remember going to the cinema to see with my father)  Rome Burning, Oriental Red, Cherry, Zhulong and Majestic Purple.

And the President's Day sale of 5 patterns for $5.00, so I could be frivolous and get what took my fancy.  One idea I saw in a bead book was to combine a collar with a necklace, I thought it was a lovely idea.


P.S.  Here is a sample of one.

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  1. Lovely finds Christy. I have been on the hunt for handkerchiefs this year after seeing a quilt I would like to make with vintage hankies. You were very fortunate to find a box for 55cents.
    Gorgeous inks too.


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