Sunday, February 24, 2013

Necklace Size Guide

Choker - 14 inches
Choker necklaces lie snugly around the middle of the neck. Chokers work well with v-necks, boat necks and off -the-shoulder fashions.
Collar - 16 inches
Classic and versatile, a collar necklace lays perfectly around the base of the neck. A simple collar necklace matches any outfit and nearly every neckline. Collar length is most flattering for slim to medium build women and men.

For those with broad shoulders or a full neck the princess length fits like a collar.
Princess - 18 inches
The princess, falling just below the throat, is the most popular necklace length and is best suited for crew and high necklines. You can wear the princess length as a contrast to low, plunging necklines.
Matinee - 24 inches
Matinee length is the right choice for both casual and business dress.

I thought that this was a great necklace length guide, and especially handy if you make jewelery.


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