Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My New Reading Light

The other weekend my friend C and I met to do a little shopping together at IKEA.  IKEA isn't very far from me, but I only go for a special reason.  C. was looking for a clothes dryer rack and I thought I'd have a look for a little reading light.

Here is my light, it clips onto my bed headboard and does was I bought it for.  With my bedside lamp I could not sit up in bed and read, I had to stick my book right under the bedside lamp.  Now with my new little spotlight I can direct it to exactly where I need it for reading.  Plus it was reduced 50% from last year.


I like using a lamp the ambiance in a room is so much nicer.

We ate at the IKEA restaurant which I think is a pretty good deal.  I got my favourite Swedish Apple Cake and I tried an Elderflower drink, instead of coffee, I was thirsty for something cold.

My Boy very rarely uses my iPad, he's on my laptop all the time as he does not have his own computer yet, his finances didn't run to it.  So I open it up and guess what is on the background, Rob's favourite view of a city from Star Wars, I'll have to find out from him the name.  It's a neat picture.

Friendships shared are a wonderful thing. 

It seems we've been doing nothing but take both our cars in to be repaired.  The SUV needed the exhaust welded, it's cheaper than buying a new one, then Saturday we took it in for an oil change and inspection.  Mr Bit Brit did not have to work so after we dropped the SUV off we went to Jem's a local fifties style restaurant,  I got my usual, not that we go there that often, but I like their hotplate grilled cinnamon buns with raisins and walnuts, so good.

After that a little thrifting.

My car was in on Thursday to replace the computer module, which had only just been replaced a month earlier, but did not fix the problem, ie all the lights on the dashboard coming on while driving and then the speedometer drops to zero, and if it doesn't reset itself before you turn it off, you cannot turn the car back on.  So we will see if this fixes the problem. 

It had been in before and they fobbed us off with probably a loose wire, how do you find that at $85.00 per hour, but after I had to have it towed in I was pretty upset, that was when they said they would put in a new computer module, so you can only conclude that the other one they put in a month earlier was bad.  Why didn't they offer to do that in the first place.

I Googled this problem and it seems there was a recall on this very problem but my car missed it by 2 months on the VIN number.  So I phoned Chrysler about this, of course no great help, just a lot of platitudes.  

We are hoping this solves the problem.  I've had enough of car repairs for a while.

My day off work on Monday was good, I got my hair cut, did some reading, one of Rob's college books he has to read, The Ghost Map, by Steven Johnson, which is about the worst outbreak of Cholera in Victorian London, very interesting. 

Did get one of the old Singer sewing machines that I found in the trash, from out of the garage and took it down to the basement.  The production number dates it as early fifties, it sits in it's own wooden cabinet, it's electric, and runs well.  The other one is still in the garage, I will have to look that production number up too, I think it's somewhat older.

The reason I bought it in was because I was looking at Poppy Treffry's freehand machine sewing and noticed that she had a slew of older Singer sewing machines to do this with.  She said you have to kiss a lot of frogs (old sewing machines) to find one that works the way you need it to for that type of sewing, without breaking the thread.  So I thought well I've got two just sitting in the garage, so why not give them a try.

If only I had more time.


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  1. The lamp looks handy. We used to go to Ikea and make for the Swedish meatballs and bottomless coffee.Hope your car problems get sorted especially as you are dependent on them for work. I have an old hand Singer sewing machine which I will take to get serviced when I have time.


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