Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plain Or Fancy

Today Sunday dawned bright and sunny and I have one extra hour this morning, as it is Fall Back to winter time.

I need to dye my hair, when will I stop I'm not sure on that one, I just know I will know when the right time is.  I think I will continue to keep my hair long it's just so easy for me.

It's like I said to the doctor when he asked me whether I wanted a flu shot I said I don't know I've never had one, should I get one?  He said well as you get older you should and I said ask me again when I'm sixty and he said he'd write that down in his notes.

When I ordered my Persephone Diary there was an interesting comment in the biannually on fabrics and pattern, stating that we use a far plainer palette of patterns today clothing and decorating wise than we used to and I thought that's so true.

My mind wandered to wallpapers of my childhood; which were all quite patterned.  I remember two wallpapers in the sitting room over the years, one was a trellis work with wisteria, another had a Chinese theme of ponds, willows and pagodas.  In my bedroom were dancing ballerinas on a charcoal grey background.  Reflecting my childhood love of ballet.  My cousins both boys had cowboy wallpaper and my aunt who loved horses had in her sitting room a horse themed wallpaper.  Later I think of the bedrooms in my mums little thatched cottage and they had the Laura Ashley sweet pea flower pattern.

I do remember when we moved in the late sixties, early seventies to a beamed cottage that we decorated that in a much plainer palette.

People are just going wild in Jomar buying fabric, well the prices are so ridiculously cheap.  I found the discount table the other day full of remnants reduced to fifty cents per yard, and found a nice piece of wool in a small check, possibly mixed with a little rayon, 4 1/2 yards of it coming to a grand total on that piece of $2.50.

Many people who do sewing for a business are in there buying up fabric, one lady in front of me was buying all the shiny satin type fabrics for quilts, and another lady was buying fabric for capes and scarves.  It's just fun to see what people buy and their taste in what they choose.  Another young lady had a cart full of trim and she said she used it as embellishments for embroidered flowers.  I did get more trim.

I started painting the basement yesterday afternoon and today I need to run out and buy the floor paint.  As there is still stuff in the basement I will need to paint in sections then move things back. 

Friday at midday our server came back, up and running and from then on was a mad rush to accomplish in one afternoon what had not been done for a week, a little crazy and then in walks the President of the company with his wife on a surprise visit to see how we are doing.  It's a family business, we're rated sixth in the USA in the Printing world, but we are also diversifying and the other day launched our first job using algorithms.

Well must run things to do.

Hope your weekend is good.


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  1. Hope you get your basement finished soon and that work gets back to normal. I agree with you about the wallpaper. We always had highly decorated papers. In the 60's I had 2 contrasting abstract designs in my small bedroom. Now I have all my walls plain painted. Some over embossed paper


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