Monday, November 26, 2012

An Italian Garden in England

Michael who is Italian, but has lived in England most of his life, has a garden, not just any garden, but the most productive and fruitful garden in a small space, that I have ever seen.  Not one square foot is unused.

You might like to take a look at this wonderful piece of Italy in England, with Michael in his green house tending his grapes.  Michael may not have been to horticultural school, but there is not a thing he doesn't know about planting and pruning.

Olga his wife is Spanish, so between those two Mediterranean folk one would never leave their home without eating and being given something, they are both so hospitable and dear friends, who I have known almost a life time.

In fact I was thinking of transporting Michael over here to prune my apple tree which needs royally pruning as all the apples fell off last year as babies, but now I find out this is due to overcrowding and I had better figure out how to prune it for next year.  If I lived in the UK no problem I would just have Micheal over, he loves to share his knowledge with others.


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