Saturday, November 17, 2012

Persephone One Hundred

I'm going to try and read all 100 of the Persephone books.  Here are two I borrowed from the library.  Yes here again, found in old shelving which is not on public view.   I was talking with the librarian and she said that the previous Head of the Library, who I do remember grey hair and bun type but very much into her job; in any case when all the other libraries were throwing old books out. she requested that they send them to our library, what a lady with foresight, I am the happy recipient. I get to read these stories from the original published books.

A little trip to the thrift with some fun finds.  A nice old plate that I will use for cakes, and a rimmed dish I bought for The Boy as he likes a bowl with a rim to hold.

What about these old embroidery silks? Just love that little tabby cat; where have all those little niceties of decoration gone today?

Now I'm watching a Tree Grows In Brooklyn, repeated from two weeks ago, when I watched it for the very first time.  What a lovely movie.

I think a cup of tea and one of the delicious raisin bran scones Mr. B. made.  That reminds me as a friend said I should read the Home-Maker as it's kind of our situation.  I work full time and Mr. B. keeps the house in order.

Hope you folk are having a lovely weekend.



  1. Lovely silks - I'm very envious. No charity shops in this part of France...


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