Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Paint Tale

I have a little tale to tell, I don't think husband will mind.

Several years ago we painted the basement floor for the second time in a pale blue the same as the first time. At that time there were only about six floor paint colours available.

So I sent hubby off and said just get the pale blue the same as before.  Well he went off with a paint chip off the floor just in case and gets to Lowe's the DIY store.  Well it seems that times have changed and now you can match any colour under the sun.  So Mr. B. says could you please match this side of the paint chip, the clean side and not the dirty side.

At the DIY store they put it into the computer, come up with a mix code and voila!  They put a little blob on top of the can and all seems well.

Move forward a couple of days and I receive a phone call at work, I'm not sure whether you're going to like this colour it doesn't seem quite the same.  I thought it can't be that bad just a little bit off.  But when I get home and look at what he's done in the basement, one could only describe the colour as dirty basement floor.

We think the guy matched the colour to the wrong side of the paint chip.  It was amazing how close that colour was to what was on the floor already.  So now here we have a custom paint, not cheap, that no way are we going to live with.  So hubby says do I want to get another pale blue, at this point I say no, let's go for white, no problem with returning that.  Fortunately the store took it back, full credit, great.

Don't you feel though that sometimes there are too many options?  If they'd just stuck to the six pre-mixed colours I'd of got the store mixed pale blue and painted with that, done deal.  What a to do.


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  1. That made me laugh. Yes too much choice now.


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