Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cup, Cloth, Crafts and College

I just wanted to say thank you to folk who left kind comments and wished us well through the storm.

A dear little demitasse cup and saucer from Holland that I found at the NSH yard sale.  When I saw the little cup and saucer sitting there, I thought it was old, probably turn of the previous century, but when I looked it up on line it was even older, from around the 1850's.  So a rather fun find.  I love the little raised edge pattern around the cup and saucer. plus the hand painting.

Some lovely brocade fabric from Jomar.

Two books from the thrift shop.  Such fun reading through them, while I had some time off.

Well I went into work today, we do have electric but our server in New York is not up so we are very limited in what we can do.  

I was told I might have the rest of the week off and had just bought the basement wall paint to paint the walls and was going to get stuck into that today.  So that's on hold until the weekend, to bring my little creative space together.

This evening we went to a college seminar about transferring from Community College to Temple University.  It proved to be informative, some have not been that easy to follow, or the speakers aren't that eloquent   I think I find it hard to get it because I didn't grow up here and go through the education system over here in the States, at least the boy seems to have it under control.


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