Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pomegranate Ring, Handemade by Boka

My Biblical Pomegranate Ring.

Song of Solomon 
Like a segment of pomegranate are your temples behind your veil.

This is my handmade ring in silver and bronze, with rubies and emeralds, made by Boka.  He's an artisan jeweler out of Brooklyn.  To me it has an Israeli style to it. He said he had sold this ring to Anthropology, and it should be in an upcoming catalogue.

I just love the little rubies set to look like the inside of a pomegranate. With the sides coming up like branches.  I wore it to dinner when we went out and it sparkles very nicely in certain light.

I traded in an old broken gold bangle and put it towards the cost of buying this ring, so out of pocket, less than $10.00.

It's probably a design that you like or not, according to personal style, but I love it. I will always think of it as my Biblical ring.


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