Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Day In The Salt Mines

Well another day has whizzed by, busy very hectic.

Rob and I did go to the Thai/Vietnamese Restaurant and it was very nice.  The decor was the nicest I've seen in a long while in an Asian Restaurant, very tasteful.  Some nice stained glass and a lovely mosaic, star lights hanging from the ceiling.

I had a chicken and cashew nut sauteed dish, rob had a stir fry with noodles, mine was with rice.  Half way through we swapped Rob found his a little heavy, mine was very good.  We started off with a spring roll appetizer and ended with a very, very sweet jelly grass drink.

We sat and chatted and just enjoyed it so much, the price was pretty good too.

No pics because Number One Son would be embarrassed if mum were to walk in with her camera and take photos.

It's a cool evening but not cold enough for the wood fire, so I'm enjoying the gas fire in the Simla room, instant heat.  It's raining outside and I can hear the drops hitting the metal chimney shield, it has that rain on a tin roof effect.

Rob, Rob presented me with an anniversary gift from him and his dad.  A very nice gold and silver watch.  It was a day late because teenage boys just plain forget things. Even though he bought it on time.

Well I'm going to do a little mystery reading.


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