Monday, October 3, 2011

Eye Candy a Gem and Jewelry Show

Let me take you to a Gem and Jewelry Show.  It is a beautifully colourful event.  Such glories dug up from the depths of the earth.  Here is a colourful Indian girl, I just had to take her photo, her costume was so lovely.

Cindy with all her loot.  Ready to make more beautiful creations.  We do have a lot of fun, looking, seeking and just sharing our creative thoughts.

The one place I should have taken a photo of I did not.  Bora, a jewelry maker from Brooklyn, I think he was Israeli.  He worked in silver and bronze with semi precious and precious stones.  Both Cindy and I loved his style, we both bought pieces. 

Cindy bought rose quartz earrings in silver and bronze and a pendant with a Brazilian emerald, silver and bronze.  I bought a ring chalcedony, which is a pale green stone, worked in silver and bronze.

Cindy and I negotiated a deal on the three pieces we bought paying $20.00 less as we paid in cash.

When we got back to Cindy's, Cindy and Steve said we want to give you the ring as an anniversary present.  That was such a lovely surprise.

While we were at his stand chatting he showed us a piece he had just sold to Anthropology, it was a pomegranate ring, I just loved it.  When he said he didn't have a website we thought when his jewelry hits the winter catalog the prices will be much more.

So I thought about it and the next day Sunday I went back for it.  I had an old gold bangle which was broken, so I took it to a gold buyer and got almost the entire amount in cash that I needed to buy the ring.  It was all very fortuitous.

I will have to take photos of my rings.  You will either love the pomegranate one or hate it I think.  I call it my Biblical ring, pomegranates are very Biblical.  The ring is three pomegranates set with little rubies and two emeralds on the side, with a branch coming up either side.  All in silver and bronze.


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  1. How beautiful. I love all the colours and the Indian lady's dress. I have several of them (shalwar kameez) and I would wear them all the time if I didn't feel so self conscious as they are elegant, modest and comfortable. Look forward to seeing pics of the rings.


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