Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Week In Retrospect

Monday work, Tuesday up at 5:15AM to meet my boss at 6:15AM for a two hour drive to Dover, DE to meet a client.  Wednesday up and out to have Rob's Pathfinder at the dealership by 7:30AM for a recall and oil change, in time to get the shuttle to work.  Lots of accidents, pouring with rain and I was a little late for work.

Thursday a vendor took us out for lunch. Jakie in my office is retiring, so Terri wanted to take her and me, her new contact out for lunch. I had prime rib aus jus sandwich with horseradish and french fries, very good. Plus she brought to the office a delicious chocolate raspberry cake, but talk about sugar overload.

Friday work.  Saturday exhausted and slept in.

12:00 Noon a shepherding call, including Rob.  That went well and was nice.  Now Rob is at work and I've had a very late breakfast of omelet with cheese and cranberry and apple chutney, followed by bread and marmalade and tea.  I've just opened my Scottish Heather Tea, a gift from Candyce and it's a very robust hearty tea, as you would imaging a tea from Edinburgh to be.  I love the little heather flowers, quite visible.  It's very tasty and just right for this autumnal time of year.

Now I have a glass of wine in the Simla Room with the stove on.  There is a story to the wine.  I bought my glass of wine home from my friends last night, Maria gave me a chocolate raspberry liquor and after that I couldn't keep my eyes open, I just had to take a nap, how embarrassing.  So not to waste the glass of wine, I took it home in a plastic container.  Now it's tasting quite nice.

Now for a Netflix movie.  I've been enjoying 'The Last Detective"


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  1. I hope the heather tea was soothing and delicious!


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