Monday, October 3, 2011

The Last Graduation Party of The Year Stephen

Jason and Chantay pioneers in the Vietnamese group

This is the last graduation party of 2011 Stephen's. 

The party would have been on the lawn out back, but it's rained so much it was far too wet, so it was held on the driveway, which worked out well.

You can see the evenings are pulling in quickly and it was cool.

Nice to see old friends, especially a couple who used to be in our congregation but are now in a Vietnamese group, Jason and Chantey. 

Robert came a little later on his own after going to the Gym and shopping.  He left a note saying gone to J.C. Penny's.  So I said "You went to the mall Robert?"  "No, I went to the shop near Starbucks."  "You mean T.J. Maxx Robert?  "Ye mum, you know, the shop with two letters and a name."  He made Maria and I laugh.


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