Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Tomatoes

I think this has been one of the best years for my large tomatoes.  I always do well on the cherry and smaller varieties, but not always so well on the larger ones.  Unfortunately I can't remember what these are I should look on my grid map of the garden, but by this time of year it's hard to differentiate between the rows.  The Black Krim are so different I recognize them and they are quite an early variety of tomato for the large sizes.  So would be good to plant again.

Today is overcast and raining.  It seems that it rains a lot more once we get to August.  I take note of this because one year we took our pop-up camper to New York State, the Finger Lakes and we had several days of rain and cooler weather and some quite torrential rain and it was August.  So in our part of the world I think you're better of going camping in June and July when it doesn't seem to rain as much.

Yesterday was a crazy day at work, non-stop on the go, and I'm in training so hopefully it will be a quieter day today.


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  1. Could they be marmand? I grow these and they look similar. They are delicious.


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