Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Aftermath

Well it seems for us hurricane Irene was a storm in a teacup, but for others, things were not good and it seems that Vermont really got hit and they weren't even mentioned as being in the path of the storm early on.

We did not even loose power so that was great.  It did rain and rain.  During a hurricane the rain seems to fall so differently to everyday rain.  It seems to fill every space as it falls, denser and coming from every direction.  It was fairly windy it kept coming and going in gusts and then would die down and pick up again.

After two days at home not doing too much I decided that I'd better accomplish something.  So I cleaned my sitting room floor and some dusting.

Tinkerbell is a naughty little cat, she thinks the Chinese rug is her special wee patch right on one of the corners.  She just will not stop.  I just couldn't keep up with her and I can't seem to stop her.  So decided to take the rug up and put it in the garage until such times as I can afford to have it cleaned.  Rob helped me carry it out.  Now I have bare wood floors which I scrubbed up and one long rug in front of the sofa which I took from the upstairs hallway and it's just enough to make it look not too bare.

So the room seems fresher and I don't have to feel irate at that naughty, naughty cat, who if she was not so cute and sweet natured I'd send her to the knackers yard.

I also washed the covers to my large sofa cushions we sit on.  I still have to wash the back ones. but those I have to unpick and then sew back up again.

I did get on my blog Lil Bit Brit Lit and wrote up some reviews on books I've read this summer.


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