Saturday, August 20, 2011

Glad For My Gladioli

Here are some single blooms of Gladioli from my garden, with Rosemary and Sage in a crystal vase.  I love being able to use a single bloom and sit it in my kitchen near the sink where I can enjoy it.  The gladioli are blooming one by one.  Even though all planted at the same time, they seem to be staggering out a bloom here and there over an extended period of time.  I thought I would have a glorious show, but instead of that I have a bloom here and there, so I cut it and enjoy it in the house.

It has done nothing but rain and thunder since August started.  The garden is taking on a jungle type growth of greenery and the lawn is totally out of control.  The flowers if not felled to the ground are enjoying the continued watering.

I put my orchid outside and it sprouted eight blooms so I will have to keep an eye on that.

Enjoy your gardens.


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  1. It is beautiful and what a good idea to put with herbs! My gladioli seem to have all but disappeared - just one about to flower. Don't know where the rest have gone. Our summer has not been good either.


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