Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blurb, Scotland and The Isle of Skye Engagement Calendars and Journal

Well as of November 1st you will be able to buy my two 2011 Scotland and The Isle of Skye Engagement Calendars/Diaries.  Also my Isle of Skye writing journal.

The photographs were all taken while on my visit to the Scottish Highlands and The Isle of Skye.  We had such beautiful weather, I think it rained every week, summer 2009 except the week we were there.  I had such fun putting them together except for a few glitches on Blurb their software being a little counter intuitive when it came to presets and fonts, but I did send them a note about it.

I hope you enjoy viewing them.  One is 80 pages with panoramic photos of Scotland and The Isle of Skye, the other is 160 pages with photos just of The Isle of Skye, the journal also is just photos of The Isle of Skye.

Enjoy and if you so desire please feel free to order a copy.


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