Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project for this Weekend to Sew One Cushion Slip Cover

The project is to sew one bottom cushion slip cover for the above sofa.  Totally finished with piping and zips.  I've never made slip covers before.  I do have the one lot of fabric cut out, so must, must not procrastinate and get this done.

I have the Chinese tapestry fabric which matches up with the above chair, which I must admit to having professionally upholstered.

The sofa above was given to me about five years ago.  It is soo comfortable.  It came out of a house on the Main Line, a very affluent area and was given to a friend and when they moved back to the Scotland, they gave the sofa to me.

So I am bound and determined to keep it and to tie it in with a matching slip cover.  You can see the two fabrics above.  I do not have enough of the tapestry so bought the white material from Jomar, the crazy miss match store with great sewing buys.  $1.50 per yard.  I bought the whole bolt, because you will not get another one.  Just love that store.  Plus I bought four zips at .50 cents each.

My plan is to do the four cushions in the Chinese tapestry, with off white piping and to do the balance of the sofa in the off white fabric with Chinese fabric piping.  That's the plan for now, it may change.

Slap me on the hand if I do not get it done.


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