Friday, October 8, 2010

CertainTeed Window and the Weekend

Oops!  Need to do a little cleaning.

When we bought our house seven years ago it had all new windows, except two.  All CertainTeed windows.  Several years ago I noticed that something was wrong with the bottom half of this window, obviously mold.  But I never did anything about it, just busy life, etc.  As hubby's home and being frugal it came to me that probably CertainTeed has a guarantee with their windows.  So hubby got on the job and sure enough they will give you a new glass.  Now it's a matter of finding out how much it will cost to install it, they don't cover that.

The window was always quite blocked by our rhododendron, but we cut it back to let in more light, and I think the mold is getting worse and worse as time goes on.

Well what a fun note to enter the weekend on.  It looks like we are to have an Indian Summer, we almost always do, so that will be a respite from the rain.  A week ago last Thursday it rained ten inches in one day.  The whole summer has been terribly dry; which has been reflected in our water bill.  We did call the water company to give us a break on it and pretty much they said no.  then a very nice lady called back and said were we satisfied with how our problem was handled, and Bo just explained nicely, that the water company couldn't help us, as we'd used it so must pay.  She said I can help you, and should be giving us some kind of credit.  Hubby didn't like to ask how much.  And I'd just paid the entire bill.  Hopefully the credit will go towards the next bill.

You take all the little bits of help you can get where ever it comes from.  One is thankful.  As it's always been said 'you look after the pennies, the pounds look after themselves.'  And the less I spend the less I have to work.  I feel as I get older my time is more precious to me.


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