Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wineries on the Weekend

I did a wine tasting here, 10 different wines, fun.

We brought cheese and crackers with us, along with non alcoholic for the boys.

Got to use my picnic basket.

Got to listen to life music.
Pennsylvania countryside


An old Pennsylvania house.

With new windows.

Pennsylvania farm.

The last winery we visited, Twin Brook Winery.

The last winery we visited.

The vines.

In the Amish country.
Going home.
How to have a frugal day out.  Pack your own picnic and just do one wine tasting.  You could buy a passport for all seven wineries; which was $30.00 but I just did the one $7.00, quite enough with ten wines to try.

After having our wine, cheese and crackers, we followed this up with coffee, shortbread and chocolate in the vineyards.

Didn't buy any wine, I feel bad about that, but needs must.  Just shows how non-employment ripples down, because I would have bought one bottle of wine, when hubby was employed.


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  1. I don't drink wine myself but I loved your frugal day out. I just did a frugal weekend in London for Open House when everything is free and you get to see things not normally open to the public. It wasn't quite as frugal as usual because I stayed in a youth hostel right next to St. Paul's but thats my holiday this year!


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