Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Old Record Players - Connecting With The Past

Hi Dear Folk,

Isn't it fun to connect with the past, especially when it's ones own family.  For years we have had Mr. B's dad's record collection as I'm sure so many do.  In any case while I was up at Ithaca visiting a stereo store with Mr. B., I fell in love with this old record player in a case, circa 1955 I think, so as a splurge I bought it, a girl toy.

Here we are Mr. B. is pulling out of the garage many of the old records his dad had.

Fast forward, two months,  Mr. B. phones me at work and says there is a surprise in the sitting room for you, and here at the thrift he found this.  A Crossley Stack O Matic a reproduction made in 2005 of an old style.  This is a little easier to work as it is automatic and you can stack several records to play one after the other.

We're having a lot of fun just listening to what his dad listened to from the forties to the seventies, that's the time span of these records.


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  1. Amazing to think that automatic stackable record players were considered the latest technology when I was in my teens. My portable dansette was in great demand at parties. I like the look of the records. Paul has just bought loads of really old records from the charity shop so we must get the record player out that he bought a couple of years ago. Bob looks happy to have more audio equipment to play with.


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