Monday, July 25, 2016

Mercer Museum, Doylestown

Hi Dear Folk.

We have been in a heat wave last Saturday got up to 103F.  The previous Saturday we decided to visit the Mercer Museum, they were having an open house, which always helps the pocket book.  It was very hot and inside was even hotter as made entirely of concrete and no AC.  Except in the new museum extension a rather controversial piece of architecture.

Henry Chapman Mercer built this to house his collection of pre-industrial USA tools anything of interest that a working man or woman used in their everyday life or trade.

We climbed all the stair cases up, if we had realized we could have taken the lift to the top and come down all the staircases.

This is the structure of the building inside, made of all poured in place concrete.

These photos remind me of  M. C. Escher's works.

Looking across to the Michener Art Gallery.

Here you can see some of the Moravian Tiles incorporated into the architecture, from his Moravian Tile Works in another part of town.  Personally I would love a few of his picture tiles set into an old farm house kitchen floor, just a dream of mine.



  1. What a fascinating place and the bonus of being free! Your photos are excellent.

  2. It does look like M.C, esher in that one photo. We had thought to have small tiles for wedding guests but never did.


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