Thursday, July 28, 2016

Iron Stoves

Hi Dear Folk,

More thunder and rain, maybe, just maybe it will break the heat and humidity.

One stove I really liked and didn't seem to take a photo of was quite small and looked like a Gothic Cathedral.

Stoves really changed the lives of women in America, to go from a smokey open fireplace to an enclosed fire with an oven and cooking surface, plus heat was almost revolutionary.  I can just see a pioneer woman pouring over the Sears catalog choosing her stove.

Many people world wide still cook using wood, charcoal and dung, over an open fire.


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  1. Yes its fascinating to imagine these people in the past. They must have been so happy with their stoves. We take our conveniences for granted. Very few people in India have ovens, just a gas ring or maybe two if they are lucky. It would be too hot for a stove I expect.


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