Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hat Maker

Hi Dear Folk,

The Mercer Museum was built with all these little window lit rooms, I especially liked the light throughout the museum and in my photos.

I thought I'd start off  with the Hat Maker.  I did like the hat blocks used for felted hats and would love to get my hands on a couple, I know you can buy them but they are quite expensive, there probably are other ways to get around not having a hat block.

Not sure how all these tools were used in hat making.


PS.  My book Miss Grief came to grief when I left her out on Sunday night.  It thundered and torrential rain came down. I woke up with a start and realized that I had left her outside and it had been raining for a while now, I ventured out in the rain to rescue her, but oh too late. She did receive TLC but is suffering from acute PTSD, as Miss Grief is a library book and not even from my library, I will have to replace her, or pay for her.


  1. i dropped a library book in the bathtub once. Thankfully i was able to get it out and it did dry out with very wrinkled pages. I offered to pay for it but they gracefully declined and said the book was usuable. Now you know my secret that I love to read while soaking in the tub!

  2. The hatmaking is interesting. I went to the hat museum in Stockport a few years ago and it was fascinating. Oh your poor book.


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