Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kitchen and Pottery

Hi Dear Folk,

Well a little peak into more window rooms at the Mercer Museum.  I do love my pottery and china as all my family and friends will attest to.

Now I do think these pans on three legs are great, don't you think they would be the best thing for camping?  But rather tricky to pack.  Would work so well over a camp fire.

I'm looking for a nice mortar and pestle, how about one to stand on the ground?

The garden has been well and truly watered with two giant thunder storms and one most of the night saturation of rain;  which is on the whole good.  However my colocynthis do not like it, they became water logged and are now shedding leaves like crazy, so disappointing, I never got out there in time to give them a hand.

Heat and humidity are meant to drop today, let's hope so.  Allergies have kicked in even earlier than usual which is mid August, so what's up with that?  Allergies are like a full frontal attack on the body and you feel attacked.  Landed up with a sinus and nose infection and am now on antibiotics and nasal cream, but feeling a tad better for taking them, four more days to go.

Felt so exhausted yesterday, so left work early got to the doctors just on time as is a busy time of day. Drove over to the drug store to pick up prescriptions and found out they had not run them through my insurance, so out to the car, get my medical insurance card, back in, more time spent running that through.  Did make good use of the time by finding a new summer nightdress on sale which I needed.  By the time I got home I was ready to collapse, ate dinner and went to bed.



  1. Hope you continue to feel better. Allergies are so draining. We could do with some rain now. The trouble is we seem to get nothing but rain for ages then dry for a long time. We could do with some of each. The museum looks interesting.

  2. Oh I do hope you feel better soon!


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