Sunday, February 28, 2016

Change in the Sitting Room

Hi Dear Folk,

It is done, it took all day Saturday but it has been accomplished, the re arranging of our sitting room.  We have a very large old comfortable sofa which was given to us by friends before they moved back to Scotland and it was given to them by someone on the Main Line.  I think originally it was a good sofa, because it still is and it is years old.  Having said that it is large and deep.  My room is longer and narrower and it always seems to be grouped around the center of the room and either end is no mans land.  My plan was to move the sofa to the end of the room and sit it across the short wall, making the room look wider and I think that has been accomplished and I am very happy with the way it turned out.  It took all day, but the entire room got a badly needed spring clean too.

So here is the sofa at the end of the room, I have had it at the other end of the room, but it is definitely better at this end.

This chair stayed in the same place, but has basically lived either to the left or to the right of the fireplace.

This corner stayed the same, except for a total re arrangement of knickknacks, I will never be a minimalist I have too many collections.   The table is Eastlake style along with the mirror and some of the shelves, I bought all these in a little antique shop that used to be in town, unfortunately no longer there.  Also the little art deco lamp sitting on the desk below also came from there along with a J W Gozzard print of  Monterey.

The secretary desk had to be moved from one corner of the room to the opposite end of the room.

The barristers bookcase had to be moved out of the other corner and relocated here, with the very small Eastlake sofa beside it, this wall was where the big sofa used to sit.  The Eastlake corner shelf, an Ebay find, had to be relocated to this corner from the opposite corner and a number of pictures had to be taken down.  Some books, pictures and photographs will be retired to the attic, oh and did I say I retired a chest and the TV to the basement last weekend to give me more room.  I hardly ever watch TV so no big loss and there's always The Boys monster upstairs.

So not to prove a total bore over this basically that's it.  I cannot say how happy I am with this arrangement for several reasons.  Sitting on the relocated sofa gives one a totally different view of the room, a lovely place to sit and read by the window, where the sunlight pours in in the afternoon, and a better view of the fire, because the sofa is low and with the Chinese table between that and the fire ones view of the fire was impeded.

As everything had to come off all the shelves a total re putting together of collections was done, it was like collecting and enjoying them all over again. These used to sit inside the bookcase and now sit on top.  I used to collect one or two of these every time I went to England, I love the boot houses, very whimsical.

This my American collection of houses and barns used to sit on top of the barrister bookcase and now they sit happily on the window sill, we have very deep sills.  I love the shadows in these pictures.

My collection of clocks that used to sit in the opposite window sill now sit on the fireplace mantle.

And this is the other end of the room now.  I intend to buy a lovely big bunch of daffodils and put them in that vase.

Hope you didn't mind me prattling on, but I am super happy with the outcome and even Mr. B. approves.



  1. It looks great and has really opened the room out. It really does us good to have a change round. Your photos are excellent especially with the shadows.

    1. Yes I love how much more open it feels.

  2. You have so many interesting collections! But what I love most of all is the dusted tables and shelves! Must confess, it is something I find hard to keep up!

    1. Let me tell you there was a lot of dust before the spring clean and a wood stove will make short work of dust free surfaces.


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