Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Susan Santje by Thomas Cowperthwaite Eakins

Portrait of Susan Santje by Thomas Cowperthwaite Eakins 1844 - 1916.  He was born in Philadelphia and was a realist painter, photographer and sculptor, he is considered one of the most important American artists in American art history.

Suzanne Santje (1873-1947) was a Philadelphia born actress who studied music in Berlin and drama in Paris.  Eakins shows her not on stage but during a private moment in her study, dressed in a vibrant gown and surrounded by objects, including a script of the romantic drama Camille, and a portrait of her father, Charles Shearer Keyser.

When I saw this painting I thought she looks like me at the end of the day, although I am not sitting resplendently in a beautiful gown.

This week has been a funny week and it's only Tuesday.  I keep having this feeling that the sky is going to fall in on me, maybe as it has started off as a crazy busy week at work looks like it will continue that way.

Yesterday I had a very big, nice surprise.  My boss leans over my desk area and says "Did you watch the Superbowl?"  which I had to admit to not watching, he said "I'm surprised because you had a vested interest."  "I did?"

It seems that I won the grand prize from a vendor open house that I attended last week.  You had to write your name in a number on the board, which I did;  I had no idea it was related to the Superbowl score.  My boss said up until a few minutes before the end of the game he was the owner of the prize. 

Yes the grand prize was a 60" Samsung 4K Smart TV.  I think this is honestly a more thrilling prize for the Boys in my life, because I quite happily sit with my Mac streaming movies and doing my crochet.  I'd probably cash it in if I could, but the Boys will have fun.  It is a generous prize and to actually be a recipient amazes me.  I will pick it up on Friday and do a little photo prize acceptance.



  1. Good to see some American artists and I particularly liked Eakins. I hope your week gets better and well done on your prize. I'm with you though and happily use my laptop for catchup tv or dvds. Still at least the boys will be happy!

  2. You must be one of those lucky people that actually wins things! Congratulations! Good to read about this...kind of lifted me up.

    1. I was totally surprised hardly have won anything and nothing like this. I'm glad it lifted you up.


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