Thursday, February 25, 2016

Warm and Natural Needled Cotton Batting

Hi Dear Folk,

I ran across this at Jo-Ann fabric store, and I just love using it.  Natural needled cotton batting, made from American grown cotton and made in the USA, which is a few and far between phenomena.

You might ask, how am I getting on with my Hawaii quilt square, well it is slow, I don't think I am a natural born quilter.  Mr. B. said the white looked funny, and I think the piecing together of uniform shapes is too constraining for me.  So this my be my last States Quilt Square.

I had even bought the material below for my interpretation of the Alaskan State Quilt Square, but as my time is limited I think I can better spend it on other created quests.  I thought if I carry on with this I will have popped my clogs before it is finished.

So may make the above into a cushion.

Can always use this on something.  It reminded me of our old popup camper and camping in Alaska, along with the Sitka spruce trees and camp fires in the evening swirling up between the tree branches into the night sky. Also the Indian arrows in the fabric, and the Native Americans of Alaska; which again leads me to words and terminology.  In Canada they refer to Indians as First Nations or First Peoples of Canada, which I think might be a better terminology.

I have however started on a Crazy Quilt, it is much more free form and allows for all kind of fabrics, arrangements and embroidery stitches, rummaging and using what you have and incorporating new ideas as you come upon them, that's more my style.

It takes me back to my remembrances of my grandmother who I have said previously worked at Courtaulds; well she always had an ongoing crazy quilt piece of material to add pieces of fabric to as she would get odd ends of brocade and silks from the mill and of course the edges were always embroidered in feather stitch.



  1. I love all your fabrics. Well I am debating making quick patchwork curtains as demonstrated by Meanqueen in Life after money blog. Am a bit hazy on quilt names so will have to look them up.

    1. That sounds nice. Meanqueen is an interesting blog and not all airy-fairy.


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