Friday, February 26, 2016

Yippee it's the Weekend

Hi Dear Folk,

Yippee it's the weekend.  Crazy busy week at work but that seems to be the norm now.

And those of you who have children at College does this scenario sound familiar to you.  Our Boy phones at 10:30 PM at night, "Mum can you find the photos I took in Florida on that rainy evening with the raindrops on the window in the VW Bus and the one of my hat on the seat and the steering wheel?"

Now said Mum has already worked a crazy busy day, has sorted out said Boy's expenses with the bank, exchanged thoughts on duplication of a broken pair of glasses frames, that he got replaced, but somehow landed up with two sets of frames, two charges and one set had to be returned.  Now at 10:30 PM I am to look for photos for a portfolio he is submitting for a job app and must be done that night.

Photos are on the backup hard drive I did for you mum.  Mum at this point cannot remember where back up hard drive has been put.  After a house search for this, said back up drive is found and plugged in to search for photos.  All other Florida photos are on hard drive but is missing our very first day, when these were taken.  Obviously said Boy never backed them up.

Must be on very old laptop which has now been relegated to a shelf in the basement.  Fortunately said laptop was still charged and Voila!  said photos have been located and emailed to said Boy.

By this time said mother is beyond frazzled, because said mother does not do well at night when very tired.

So Yippee it's the weekend.

I have mentally been preparing Mr. B. for two weeks to help me rearrange the sitting room.  It has to be done that way to let the thought of change and doing it sink in.

Well take care, have a great weekend.



  1. I had to laugh at that. Enjoy the weekend. You deserve it! I hope your furniture move goes ok.

  2. You made me laugh. I usually get the late evening call about a missing debit card......

  3. Mothering is quite the experience. We do love them though! Have a lovely weeken. Ours is coming up soon!

  4. Mother love! What would the world do without it! My children have long departed college, but I still get odd requests that I can't possibly fulfill without a great deal of trouble (Remember that sports certificate I was given in grade school? What did you do with the photos you took at my graduation??) Once a mother always a mother. I laughed...still have my sense of humor!


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