Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Water, NY

Hi Dear Folk,

After my nocturnal AM awakening and my frenetic packing, we were on our way to Ithaca to see The Boy.  We stopped off at Hickory Run on the Turnpike.  For those of you not familiar with the States, Turnpike roads are Toll Roads where you pay a fee to travel on them.  In the UK we do not have any.  Turnpike is such an old fashioned word and is a word that used to be in use in the UK, but you no longer have Toll Roads and Turnpikes in the UK, you just get on the Motorway.

So you only have access to a limited number of rest areas.  Hickory Run, and by the way I love that name, is about half way to Ithaca, so a good place for us to pull off for a bit.  They have a Starbucks and we bought a large coffee between us and I got a blueberry scone, Mr. B. got a breakfast sandwich, at dare I say it Burger King.

About twenty miles from Ithaca is this wonderful place to get Spring Water, fresh out of the mountain side.  The Boy noticed it when we first drove up here together, we pulled over and asked the locals who were filling up their water jugs, about it.  They said people in this area have been getting their drinking water from here for hundreds of years.

It is now becoming a tradition to stop off and fill our water bottles up.  It is the most delicious water; cold, no taste, and crystal clear.  It is nothing fancy, no beautiful ornate surround, as you might see in Italy or stones to stand on, just some old pallets and piping coming down the mountain side, but it's a joy to stop here.



  1. That sounds great. There's a place in Derbyshire you can do that.

  2. I bet that water is so delicious. Hope you had a great visit.


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