Sunday, May 24, 2015

Robert H. Truman State Park and Lucifer Falls, NY

Hi Dear Folk,

All morning on Sunday The Boys worked on projects around Rob's apartment, so in the afternoon we went out for ice-cream at Purity see here which is an Ithaca institution since 1936. Rob said you've got to go here. I opted for the waffle cone dipped in chocolate and peanuts with two scoops of ice-cream.  You might as well get the works on the waffle cones as whether plain or fancy they are all $1.00 extra.  Mr B. bought a milk shake, but I must say according to American standards they were rather small, Rob got a sundae, but I think I got the best deal, a scoop of black raspberry and a scoop of maple walnut.

So after that we went to Robert H. Trumann State Park, which is yet another gorge area, about five miles outside of Ithaca.

This is Lucifer Falls, we did wonder where the name came from.

You can enter the gorge via the bottom and walk up, or the top and walk down, we opted for the top and walked down.  Of course what goes down must come up.  We wondered at not only the gorge but all the manmade walls and walkways that just blended in so well.  No easy feat to get all that stone down there.

Just as we were on our way back it began to spit with rain and threatened a thunder shower, but although it rained just a little, we never got soaked by any means so were happy about that, as all afternoon it had been threatening. 

What a lovely end to our weekend here.


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  1. What a wonderful place and the ice cream sounds good too.


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