Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Hi Dear Folk,

Life seems to have been so busy, any free time I have spent in the garden on getting things planted and a million other things.  I just love to get out there after work.  Lots of digging up and rearranging, moving things around.  Flowering plants come and go so quickly this time of year if you don't get out in the garden you've missed the flowers blooming.  My peonies are looking exceptionally nice this year, as we have hardly had any rain, which is death to peonies as they are heavy and the rain drops bow their heads into the dirt.  On the other hand we could do with some rain.  Actually today is in the fifties so quite cool, moving on to our Ithaca trip.

The Boy was busy all day Friday, he had a funding meeting and a dinner to attend.  We did get together with him late in the afternoon.  So decided to take a tour of Cornell and a walk.  If you've ever been to a college campus they are a nightmare to park at.  I wanted to visit their Library and Art Museum, but we found out it was actually nearer to walk from our Hotel than to try and park on campus, so we gave that idea up.  Here are some of the shots that we took while driving around.

Cornell University was established in 1853 see here.  Ithaca College was established in 1892 see here

Isn't that a lovely view.  Behind us is the bell tower from which they have a webcam, so can get to see what the weather is like and the changing seasonal view.

We enjoyed looking at all the older buildings and some very modern.  Ithaca College is all modern as it was relocated in the early sixties from the down town area to high on the hill, with a view of Lake Cayuga, where it is today.

The road goes under this cantilever building and up to Cornell Plantation area.  We found two lovely ladies who suggested a place to park, and we were able to walk to Beebe Lake and along one of the many Gorges in Ithaca. 

The old building to the left I believe is one of the original science labs on Cornell Campus. 

As you can see we had wonderful weather, will post more.




  1. College campuses are do pretty - I love a mixture of old buildings with the more modern.

  2. Beautiful buildings and the cantilever one is unusual.


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