Sunday, May 24, 2015

Skaneatles, NY

Hi Dear Folk,

Saturday we spent with The Boy.  In the morning we went shopping at Wegman's because Rob wanted to make pulled pork for sandwiches and I had just brought up a spare crock pot for him.  We do not have a Wegman's right in our area so hardly ever go there, it's rather upscale although fun and lots to see.  I said it's very well that mum and dad shop at Shoprite and Aldi's and here the college kid is shopping at Wegman's and is totally hooked, such a yuppie. 

Of course a trip up there must include a visit to Doug's Fish House.  It's about an hours drive to Skaneateles from Ithaca.  Skaneateles sits on the Lake, same name.  Rob does not have a car so doesn't get out to surrounding areas too much.

Here are the boys tucking in. One sandwich is literally four pieces of fish and at $6.50 I think it is a pretty good deal.

There is always a doggy bag, here are the boys with theirs.

I didn't honestly see the writing on this little drive way until I was going through my photos, GO BACK, NOW BACK GO, PRIVATE

I had just bought that lovely old woven bag, unfortunately before I got it home the handle broke.  I bought it in an antique warehouse mall.  I love it but being old it was probably somewhat dried out, I will have to try and repair it somehow.  I like the green woven into the handle as well as the bag.

What do you think of my crazy earrings which I bought in Little Havana, Miami?  Hand made by dear older gentleman.  I do not know why I didn't buy more as gifts because they were so reasonably priced.

Towards the end of the afternoon Rob got a call, could he pick up an evening shift so we left to get him back on time.


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  1. Glad you had a good day together. I like your earrings.


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