Friday, May 15, 2015

Pots On The Patio

Hi Dear Folk,

The beauty of the blossoms this year has been spectacular, I think it's because it has been continuously cold and therefore have not started blooming before their time, maybe a bumper fruit harvest.

My little red pump that sat on this water barrel fell apart after sitting out this last winter and could not be resurrected.  So Mr. B. bought me a frog instead, but he needs to be connected up.

Most of the pots below were in my little greenhouse but I took them out before taking photos.  Some seeds will need to be separated, but it is such a thrill to see them come up, even some packs of seeds that are several years old. 

Mr. B. recently donated another pair of work boots to my collection, so need to put some dirt in them and plant some cats and kittens.

The Mammoth sunflowers are coming up a treat.

The California poppy are looking a little spindly but they will come on.

Cucumbers are striding away, I hope to pickle them.

My new neighbours chopped down three spruce trees, which were strategically placed for me, as they gave me wonderful privacy on my Simla Patio and now I can see all the way down the street, so I'm going to have to research garden privacy screens as I have no room on my side to plant trees.

Trees make a big impact on the landscape.  There was a big tree on the way to work, can't say I ever took particular note of it, until one day I came to the brow of the hill and stopped at the traffic light and thought what's different with this view, and then I realized someone had chopped down a very large tree.  No wonder Mr. B. has procrastinated on having the ash tree cut down.  I did phone someone but they never got back to me, so back to the drawing board.  This year the whole crown is dead, so it is definitely time.

Going to my friends house tonight to pick up some vege plants, he always starts lots.  I should have been over at least two weeks ago, but time escaped me.  Definitely tonight.  Hope it's a nice day tomorrow for planting.  This morning I was up early and cleaned up one little garden in the front, before getting ready for work.  My poor azalea need feeding, they are looking very sorry for themselves, as are my rhododendron and holly, must get on that.

Take care, have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Your garden is doing well. Sorry about the loss of privacy. Bamboo plants make a great screen but they are terribly expensive here. My giant sunflowers are poking through today as well. Had a shuffle round with my plants too. Blossom wonderful here too but a very mild winter so that's not the cause. Isn't it exciting when seeds shoot up. I can't stop looking at the runner and French beans.

  2. Oh I just hate, hate, hate when trees are cut down. But sometimes it has to be done. We have had the same loss of privacy this year, with two trees at the back taken down, and suddenly we see all the houses on the other side, and they us... We have planted two trees to take the place of the mature ones that were felled. Our trees are still very spindly and wee - and will never grow as tall as the ones that were felled - but in time they will give us a bit more of a screen. So I really sympathise.

    Your seedlings look great!


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