Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lasagna and Cajun Beer Bread

I walked in the house on Sunday and this is what greeted me dinner.  Mr B. had made lasagna and had gone routing through the pantry and come up with a mix I had bought a while ago, it's a Cajun Beer Bread, the smell wafting to my nose was wonderful, as it calls for a bottle of beer.  Mr. B. knew he would not like it as he is not into spiciness but I am.  It is very good, a spicy plus sage and thyme stuffing taste almost, sliced warm with butter delicious.

On the whole I have found that for some reason Americans do not like fruit cake, but since America is a melting pot of people I have friends from Jamaica, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tobago and having been through out their history associated with the Brits, these friends of mine are partial to a nice piece of fruit cake.  The above was from a friend originally born in Rhodesia and then lived most of her life in South Africa, but now lives here.

Years ago I had a party inviting friends one of whom was Miggy from Jamaica and she baked a wonderful fruit cake.  Every one bought the usual American fair of which my husband is very fond anything with chocolate, not to be denigrated, but I was coveting the fruit cake, needless to say most of it was left and Miggy said it's for you, with a nice cup of tea I was a happy girl for quite a while, as fruit cake keeps well.

In Tobago they make a delicious rum fruit cake which they export, if you come across it in your travels you should try it.

We've had quite a lot of rain recently, but nothing like the UK so hope all is well with my UK friends and family.


P.S. Sorry for the after dark photos, but that's winter.

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  1. I could almost smell the lasagna and bread with you. It made my mouth water. I agree with you that a good fruit cake with a cup of tea is hard to beat. Even for weddings nowadays they have sponge cake as partly because it is cheaper but also it is more popular now. Pretty awful rain and wind last two days but some bright very cold weather for two days before that. At least we have missed the floods and power-cuts that many have suffered.


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