Monday, December 9, 2013

In The Gardens At Marie Selby House

 Well as you can see I am still trying to finish blogging our Florida vacation before the year ends.  But I should be posting winter things as it snowed yesterday and is to snow tomorrow.

Here we are with intense heat at the Marie Selby Gardens in Sarasota, can't you just feel the heat?

Such a lovely day spent here and they even have a little restaurant with light fair, where we stopped and got a chai latte and a cookie/biscuit.  I can always drink hot drinks even on the hottest of days.

Little grey squirrels, little stinkers, but so cute.  I love their little hand type paws.

Some ladies were sitting painting water colours of the garden and I thought how lovely.



Rob's self portrait.



  1. What a beautiful setting. It's good to look back and remember the summer now we are in the cold dark days. It reminds us that it will come again!

  2. Great photos of your holiday. I am still sorting through the 2,500 photos from my recent Scotland trip.


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