Sunday, December 29, 2013

Florida Trip The End

It only took six months to bring our Florida trip to a conclusion on my blog but what a nice way to remember and relive our adventure together, Rob and I.

We have some lovely memories together mum and son.  Driving the VW camper, I felt like a truck driver for two weeks.  Only crazy Brit's would drive around Florida in June with no air conditioning.  You know "mad dog's an Englishman goes out in the mid day sun"

Wonderful memories of Jurassic Park relived in a sudden summer squall at Rainbow Springs Park, air boat ride on the Everglades, but the place we loved the most was the beautiful pristine beach at St Joseph's on the Bend of the Panhandle, and I will always remember eating fresh oysters in Apalachacola.

Back to the Internet.

Mr. B. met us at the airport, he was glad to see us.


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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed traveling round Florida with you and Rob and seeing a different face than the usual Theme parks. Mr B looks so happy to have you back! I never felt I wanted to go to Florida before but seeing your holiday makes me long to go.


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