Tuesday, April 30, 2013

VW Camper Van - Florida Or Bust

OK I said I had something which I wanted to share with you.  Well here it is a trip around Florida, in a VW Bus, the Westfalia.  It will be one of the VW's below, either Green, Orange or Beige.  They also had a Vanagon, but both Rob and I agreed that we like the older ones.

We will be staying at State Parks around Florida.  I have not been to Florida for over twenty years and Rob has never been.  We are not going to Disney World and all those amusement parks, we're just going to see Florida, spend time in the State Parks, and some even right on the beach.

We hope to see the Everglades and maybe do a little canoeing or kayaking, if I can get my mind around those alligators.  Also Burmese pythons that were let loose and now invade the Everglades, apart from that I'm alright.

Do you like the Green, Beige or Orange?  I'm open as we do not know which one we will get.  We have two weeks to just take our time and drive around.  We are flying down, non-stop so that is great as it is a very long drive to Florida for us around 25 hours.

First of all we were going to drive to Florida and camp, but we wanted to rent a vehicle, our vehicles are getting too old for that kind of drive.  And as only Rob and I are going it is just too much for me to drive all the way down there; rentals do not allow drives under 21 to 25 years old.

Then we said well we'd fly, but we so wanted to camp, we had our hearts set on that.  When I looked at hotels in our price range, the reviews on them were all nasty, so I was wondering what in the earth are we going to do, when I came up with the idea of a Camper Van, which kills two birds with one stone, renting a vehicle and a place to stay.  But I don't like those modern camper vans, so when I found these old VWs to rent, I was so happy.  Rob is totally into it too.

So maybe this will be us.

Or this.

We hope to take lots of photos, Rob too and he also wants to do some filming.  So will share our travels with you.  May even find some Internet connections on our travels.

Will keep you posted.



  1. Take the red one...and live it up! This really looks like fun...does it have air conditioning? It is really hot there, just like my home in Texas.

  2. This is so you! I love the camper vans and you are sure to have a wonderful trip in it.

  3. Oh wow! How exciting. I like the orange one. Well you fighting off an alligator or python while canoeing would make good film material for Rob.

  4. WOW!!! You will have a BALL! And a bright color would be fun for Florida! We bought annual passes to the State Parks and go every chance we get. When you visit my blog and I post pics of our trips, I always give a link to the parks we visit! How exciting for you! What a fun trip to look forward to!


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