Friday, April 12, 2013

Silly, Scary

Yes it is cold again.  Pouring with rain this morning, and the wind was howling, yes howling.  My goodness linen trousers one day, winter trousers the next.

The other week I was called back for a second mammogram, how scary is that?  I'm sure it happens quite often, I have myself one other time been called back a second time.

However this time being older and having not been every year, in fact leaving it for two and a half years, really gave me some food for thought and worry.  Up until now I've been faithfully going every year, but when hubby lost his job, we of course lost our health coverage.  So not only do you have less money but now anything medical has to be paid for out of pocket, I know even with medical insurance you still have out of pocket.  So double whammy.

I'm glad to say nothing major just watch and go again in six months to see if any changes.

But with that kind of medical system you can certainly see how things get neglected and happen and one can truly pay for it with ones life.

I had a friend in Kentucky who did not have health insurance, so she did not go to the doctor for a colonoscopy check up and didn't even go when she had some issues which she put down to something most people get now and again.  Unfortunately it was very serious and she died.

There's something wrong with a system when you have this sort of crazy medical coverage/non-coverage.


P.S.  On a less sombre note I have something to share with you which I am so excited about.


  1. I hope everything is ok for you Christy.
    In Australia the health system is quite fair really and we are very lucky. If you don't have private health insurance, you can present at public hospitals and be treated for free. There are also free mammogram screening services available too.

  2. Glad you are ok. Even here in the UK where health care is free, many people neglect to go for checks which often ends in losing their life.

  3. I too am glad you are ok.
    When we didn't have insurance I was able to get mammogram through the Linda Creed Foundation. I had called the hospital and explained my situation and she gave me their number. Ihad a really good experience and I was treated no differently than when I had insurance.
    That being said....
    I am thankful for insurance now.

    Thinking of you...Candyce


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