Sunday, April 28, 2013

Victorian Tea At The Clifton House

As I drive to work I pass the Clifton House, last week I saw a sign outside Victorian Tea, but totally forgot about it until last Friday, when I phoned.  Saturday evening after a busy day I went to bed early and who phones but the lady who is organizing the Tea for the Historical Society, she asked if I was still interested and said it was on Sunday, yikes.  So I said yes I was, unfortunately not enough time to get together with a friend, but I did go and it was fun.

This is the Clifton House, and at one time the road outside used to be called The King's Highway, probably pre-revolution, I don't think too many roads or places remained the King's anything after the revolution.

Here are some of the ladies who organized it.

One of the two rooms used for the Victorian Tea.

We even had a butler.  Somehow he reminded me of the Mad Hatter, or is it the Rabbit, with that great big watch.

I didn't have enough time to remotely pull together anything Victorian, with such little time to think about it.  I might have worn a hat.  I think they are having another Tea in the Autumn, so will prepare more dress wise and invite a friend or two along.

Sandwiches partly eaten.

A little shortbread Scottie and delicious deserts.

The hard working ladies in the kitchen.  isn't that a lovely old kitchen, yes I would love an old kitchen like that.

Me in a dressed up mode in our garden.  See those earrings, Trifari, in the 50 cent box, at the thrift, so fifties, I just love them.

The blossoming trees this spring have been beautiful.  I think because we did not have a very warm snap then cold, which tends to kill the blossoms, it's just been plain cold, but good for the buds.


  1. I love to take tea Christy, I would have gone too even at short notice. You look fabulous and the earrings (and necklace) are great.

  2. I love your new banner!
    It looks like a lovely day and a really nice tea. How nice to have it in a lovely old home.

  3. The tea looks good fun and you look so elegant in your lovely garden. I like your new banner.

  4. What a lovely tea. Two weeks ago, I helped my daughter with an afternoon English Tea Party. It was great fun collecting enough tea cups for 34. She had it outside under a big white tent.


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