Tuesday, April 16, 2013

As Time Goes By

Last Wednesday evening the sky had this deep indigo blue/black colour and of course you know a storm is coming.  No thunder, just lightning, then rain.

I went out at night, consequently the night time photos after the storm passed, or so I thought and salvaged these daffodils, one last hurrah!

Spring is mostly yellow and that must be for a reason, we need cheering after a long grey winter.

Some of the broken ones in a little vase.

Mr. Bit Brit's creation, chocolate and cream cheese.  Did you get the idea that Mr. Bit Brit likes chocolate?

And just after I got back in the house with the daffs safely in hand, it started all over again.  Here Tink and I a tucked up in the Simla Room, just having quiet time, with a mug of Chai Latte.

Hyacinths from the garden along with left over purple flowers from the bunch of flowers Mr Brit Bit bought me weeks ago.  I like that colour combination of blue and purple, in fact I have a necklace I made from old glass blue beads along with chunk amethyst bought at a gem show.

My haul from Big Lots, never know what you'll find there.  The biscuits are made in Canada and quite good. I'm going to have another go at planting a raspberry bush my other one died.

When you have long hair you're always looking for different hair clips etc.  These crazy looking spirals work really well, I think I'm going to get some more.

A dear friend and her son with his wife who drove in from Minneapolis, MN with her husband, for her mother in laws funeral.  I had not seen them in twenty-five years, so it was lovely to see them again.  That's 1,200 miles and a twenty hour drive.  Flights at the last minute were far too expensive.

I also have an invite to go out to MN so think I will another year.  I've only been out to Waterloo, Iowa and that was in the middle of winter for a training session.  So would love to see that part of the country.

Got to spend time in my garden over the weekend, cleaning up my patio and planting seeds, these things make me happy.  I was fooled by the sun though, first thing in the morning it was very chilly, but by mid day it was nice.


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