Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daffs & Dreams

Just a little catching up.  Why do you wake up one morning and it is 30 degrees warmer than the morning before?  The micro-plush sheets are possitively too much and the cotton ones need to be put on the bed ASAP.

These were my first daffs from the garden before the weather warmed up, you can see that there is a wood fire in the background.  This winter has been very grey so we are looking forward to sunny days.

Look what I found at the thrift last Saturday, isn't it lovely?  When I was in England with my sister BB we had been talking about the modern/old idea of covering sofas with knitted Aran style covers made to fit.  She had been requested by a lady to knit a bed cover in Aran style.

This is of course crochet, done in the plain ivory colour; which I really like.  Wouldn't the back cushions look lovely with crochet covers and then throws to go over the arms?  And of course complimentary throw cushions to match.  Am I that ambitious?  I don't even know what the crochet stitch is, but I could try and look it up.  It wouldn't even have to be the same stitch, just complimentary and try closely to match the yarn.  Um!  Well let me have a little dream on that one.

What a lot of work and yarn went into this.  It's hard to see how people just give up such things which obviously a lot of work and love went into.

It was a little more than I usually pay for things, and no 25% coupon ouch, but I just couldn't pass it by and I'm glad I didn't.  The lady next to me said your regret it if you don't get it.

Times are busy, but aren't we always.  I'll be glad when the last of three cars passes its' inspection, it's been nothing but cars recently, another very big ouch.  Now every car in our household is 2002, so all rather on the old side.

I changed my banner out but could not find anything from my archives for Spring, although they are filed somewhere, so I need to get out and take some up to date photos.

Hope things are good with you.


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  1. Yes our weather has suddenly warmed up and about time too. Your thrift find is beautiful.


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