Monday, July 11, 2011

Revisiting The Studio

I said a long while ago that I would show you photos of The Studio Room finished with the shelves up. I also wanted to take them before my eclectic soul kicked in and more and more things were added.  It's just impossible for me to keep a room in that pristine view.  So here it is with all the bits and pieces added in.  Plus I had to find room for part of the shelving unit Rob jettisoned, I didn't want to just get rid of it.  So here we are The Studio, Rob's old bedroom.

You can see some of Rob's artwork shown on the little easels, he did that over a year ago.  Also the two old typewriters I came across, I heard they just closed  up the last typewriter manufacturing plant in China this year. In any case the black typewriter is exactly the same model as Ernest Hemingway used to use, so that's rather fun.  And the blue one is a throw back to the seventies.  Wow!  Did we actually learn to type on those?  Yes we did and we can type a whole load better on a keyboard than kids can today, so what about that?

The black and white photo of the windmill on the bookcase was taken by Keith Tricker.  And on top of the chest of drawers stands a Roadrunner china bird which I absolutely love, another thrift find and I think quite collectible.


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