Friday, July 22, 2011

112 Farenheit or 44 Celsius

Did I say one hundred degrees yesterday well today Friday, try 112 F at 5:30 PM.  Yes that's the temperature.  It's like walking about in an oven.  And we do not have air conditioning at home, only one window air conditioner in Rob's room, where I too slept last night and probably will again tonight.

One year we went to the Vet Stadium and it was 104 F in the shade for the Convention, it was unbelievable.  Now we freeze to death in air conditioning, feast or famine, we're never happy.  Could we just make it middle of the way.

Have a Cooool Day,


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  1. Keep safe! Your weather's been in the news. Mind we could have done with a bit of heat yesterday wrapped in blankets at Milton Keynes assembley! As you say feast or famine and we're never happy.


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