Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stealing Time

Could one write a poem with that title 'stealing time', I think you could.  I have to steal time now that I work more. 'needs must.'  So when do I steal time, well in the early morning because I am always up by 6:00 AM and very often 5:00 AM or earlier.  It's a wonderful cooler quiet time in the summer months.  I walk out into my garden look around listen to the dawn chorus and then tend to watering my garden and seeing that things are in order.

I attend to the living creatures that do not let me forget that they need to be fed, but I've been very remiss this morning and run out of cat food so I'm being looked at very reproachfully.  I of course make a morning cup of tea to start the day.

Now with working four days a week and then in August five days a week, I have decided on some lunch hours to go out and rejuvenate my soul with nature, so therefore a couple of times I have gone to the park for lunch.

So although I don't get to spend my days at home and potter around my garden, I can at least enjoy the beauties of God's creations. There is a park about a five minute drive away, so I go there, plus there is an old mill by a creek which I want to check out. 

The basket I resurrected from the basement it was sitting on top of the tool cabinet with light bulbs in very dusty.  So I scrubbed her out and with the wood softened was able to re-wrap the handle and as it dried it stayed in position.  I'll have to remember that.  As sometimes you see lovely baskets, but the area where the handle has been secured has become unravelled.  I always keep the picnic blanket in my car ever expectant of that unknown moment one can grasp.

So here I am this morning stealing a little time with Tink my faithful companion on my lap.


P.S.  After threatening to rain for two days, it did actually rain last night and for a gardener that is wonderful, so very time saving and money saving and not in the least totally refreshing to all.


  1. I SO agree with you! My stolen time is usually the evening as the days rush by in a blur but then I potter in the garden like you. My brother-in-law was wearing a T-shirt yesterday emblazened with the words"better to be on a hill on a rainy day than an office on a sunny day". We need to be outside near to creation. Your lunch hours sound peaceful too.

  2. There is a calming affect to eating out of doors. You did a lovely job on the basket!

    I enjoyed lunch with you as we ate it out in your garden.


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