Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Leather Goods

It's almost 5:30 PM Wednesday afternoon and it's trying very hard to thunder storm, dark clouds interspersed with sun, rolling thunder, but no rain.  The wind even picks up in gusts and then quietens down, and I'm sure the temperature has dropped a few degrees.  As of yet though no rain and I wish it would rain to water my garden, that would make life easy.

I'm luxuriating in a day at home, because I know the count down on a week day at home is on.

I went thrifting today for a friend who does not live in this area.  She's having a 37th Wedding Anniversary Party and wanted to have all china plates and glass wear.  So I was on a mission.  I did find the required wine glasses and beakers. but only found five plates.  The plate field was a bit thin.  I was looking for plain white or with a gold edge.

I wasn't going thrifting anymore as I had been on the weekend when they had their holiday special of 35% off.  Let me show you the leather goodies I found last Saturday and today.


The leather shoes are almost brand new.  The lace up winter shoes are from Germany Solidus, leather inside and out, soft leather and comfortable.  The other embroidered shoes as you can see are open backed.  I've always wanted shoes like this but they never fit me and these did.

The bag is Radley London.  The leather smell so reminds me of a leather shop we brought briefcases from, many years ago in Cambridge.  How could you resist a bag with a little Scottie dog and ' a penny for your thoughts.'

These were a good price and then the discount off.  I shop around the world at the thrift.


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