Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wine Making Weekend

The grapes were ready and it was a go to make wine.  It takes 18 lbs of grapes to make one gallon of wine.  True wine is made with just grapes and no sugar added.  We picked 12 lbs of grapes, so to make it up to a gallon we added 1 lb of sugar.

I was able to go to a fairly local wine and beer supply store to get what I needed;  which was great because they have everything.  I have always wanted a container for the first mash and fermentation, and guess what it was not made in China, but Canada. Probably better for their tighter regulations on plastic containers, especially where food is concerned.  

It was a family effort, with Rob and I picking the grapes, and all three of us, stemming the grapes and mashing the grapes.  All told it took four hours, for all of us working, so it's pretty intensive.  I always find standing at the sink in one position tiring.

It felt good to get the first stage done.  But to be quite honest, two years ago I made grape jelly that must be done all in one go and that was even more intensive and I think harder to do than making wine.  So wine it is with the grapes and I think it's better return on outlay.

Now we have to wait a year.  I'm going to have a go at making more wines.  Actually we only used the red grapes, the white grapes are not ready yet.


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